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How can you achieve the full potential of your 4G LTE mobile data bandwidth?

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“Finally, the moment has arrived, you are at the billing counter and are waiting impatiently to complete the payment, and head home with the phone of your dreams. But as soon as you proceed to pay online, you are greeted with a buffering sign. Exasperated, you refresh again-and-again, but the menace of slow net speed continues…”
How many times do you have to face such scenarios where slow, limited, and irregular internet connection has ruined important proceedings?
If there is something that we can say with absolute certainty is how unreliable is the speed of 4G LTE mobile data. There are tonnes of factors that have an impact on the range and quality of your internet speed.

Let's have a look at some of the prominent factors:

The speed of your internet connection depends on the type of network technology accessible in that region along with the specifications of one's mobile.

The 4G LTE connection empowers high-speed surfing and rapid association in reasonable conditions. The GSM network is the broadest organization however there are restrictions on the data transfer speeds.

All the users who are using the same network have a share in the network bandwidth available in the area. Numerous people might be accessing the internet during specific hours which causes a serious lag in the connection speed.

Also, if you are traveling or have shifted to a new location, the speed may change in light of the fact that the network signal differs relying upon the inclusion zone. You can view your mobile network operator's coverage map to perceive your distance from the base station.

Certain applications running in the background continuously suck upon the bandwidth of your 4G data. Also, auto-downloading of large-sized e-mails or other files and regular push notifications act as data parasites.

As the IT companies continue to witness a surge in the demand for HD videos and other bandwidth-hungry applications, they are continuously on the lookout for ways to address this requirement.

Can a fixed network, such as in-home WIFI be a good solution?

There is a slight misconception that people have when they compare mobile data with fixed WIFI networks.
The fact is that putting your WIFI in a box would be a better option as phone signals cover more range than your any fixed network module. So, it's but obvious that a 4G speed-boosting device, such as COFE 4G WIFI , will make it faster, smoother, and power-packed!
Regardless of where you live or how you are traveling, whether you work from home or are in an office job, the data booster device will work non-stop, in every weather, in all circumstances.

Tips to boost your 4G data bandwidth utilization:


  • Clear the material interference:

4G network is incredible at traveling significant miles, however not very good at going through or around hindrances. Certain materials like metal, concrete, and even glass can meddle with 4G LTE signals.
Therefore, if possible, find a space with restricted deterrents. On top of it, if you succeed in locating your nearest mobile tower, you would be able to enjoy a speedy internet connection.

  • Level-up!

Move heights to get a clear sight! Well, this works perfectly well in the case of signal reception. So, the next time you are facing a problem in surfing the net, consider climbing stairs or moving to an elevated spot.

  • Steer clear of crowded places:

Populated areas are inversely proportional to internet speed. Dropped calls and failed messages are a direct result of being in a region with large crowds. Searching for open spaces will help you in getting sharp and faster signals.


  • Put a halt to excessive multimedia streaming:

Are you habitual to scrolling reels on social media applications and streaming irrelevant videos in your free time? Then you need to know that there's a tremendous distinction in the bandwidth consumption for multimedia streaming as opposed to reading messages or creating emails.


  • Shut down the applications running in the background:

Numerous applications continue to run in the background even when you are not using those at the moment. You should alter their smartphone's settings to specify which applications are permitted to run out of sight.
You should only allow essential tasks to run in the background if you want to save data and increase the connection speed.


What else can be done?

  • If the device permits it, it's always better to change the settings of the hotspot for a limited, low-power WIFI. Though it’s imperative for the cell phones to be nearer to the area of interest it broadens the router's battery life.
  • If your mobile is itself slow, you can’t expect to have a high-speed browsing experience. Clear out unnecessary cache and web browser history from your device in a periodic fashion. Also, delete any application that you rarely use.
  • It's conceivable that your present mobile network could be the guilty party. If you speculate that another network operator may offer better support in your location, it very well may merit the switch.

All this sounds too tedious, right? Is there a single and easy solution to this "internet" problem?


Yes. A three-in-one portable COFE 4G WIFI device is the answer to slow internet speeds.
You simply have to plug-in your 4G SIM into the slot and enjoy an uninterrupted internet connection without worrying about the hassles of configuration.


  • You can use a 4G SIM card of any GSM network to generate WIFI. Also, since all the operators are auto-activated, you don’t have to take care of anything else.
  • COFE comes with auto-configuration to ensure that our customers do not have anything else to worry about other than enjoying their internet speed.
  • Independent of the device you use, DVR/NVR, CCTVs, Bio-metric devices, or SIM cards, No Configuration is required.
  • There are various models of COFE 4G WIFI Device to cater to varied requirements, geographical locations, and organization.
  • It is a high-performance Wi-Fi router designed with WAN and LAN ports. It is designed such that it can have both LAN port and WIFI signal.
  • The device comes with powerful dual antenna to provide better internet coverage, improved speed, and incudes larger areas.



Remember, the fastest your internet connection will work is how fastest your device can work. Streamline your cell phone with regular software updates, cleaning up, and battery optimization to guarantee that your gadget isn't hindering your internet speed.
Whenever you've augmented the performance of your cell phone and have selected the best network operator, the sole method that can increase your network speeds is using a 4G LTE data boosting device. COFE will do that work for you!