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How to make a proper broadband connection a reality in rural and remote areas?

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The world is witnessing a global technological revamp. Think about it, if you were to live without the internet for a week and carry out your life as usual, would you succeed in doing it? Forget a week, you would have raised your hands in exasperation within a day itself. Each sector of the world has become digitally equipped. Automation and e-commerce have caught their grip on the agricultural sector. Similarly, the domain of the Internet of Things (IoT) has caught the awe of many other industries such as automobile, commercial, and healthcare. Hence, there is no doubt in the fact that broadband network is a necessity nowadays. The last decade has proven it many-a-times that the phone and the internet are not solely meant for communication; they address power.

What is the digital divide that exists between the rural and urban areas?

Electronic data presently holds the key to rapid financial development and monetary gain. The Internet has now become a means of growing businesses, generating jobs, education, and e-learning, improving medical services, thus contributing towards upgrading a country's economy. However, the restricted accessibility of Internet broadband connectivity in remote and rural India is still prevalent despite various initiatives taken by the government. Especially given the inescapable ultrahigh-speed Internet facility enjoyed by the metropolitan territories, the digital divide is indeed a matter of grave concern.

Why is internet and broadband connectivity such a major issue in rural and remote areas?

In remote areas and villages, enormous Internet Service Providers contend that it simply isn't affordable to introduce the cabling and telephone trades which are basic for an active broadband connection.

What about those areas which have the required infrastructure to give a green light to internet connectivity?

In such a scenario, other issues begin to creep in, such as:

  • Low bandwidth coverage and degradation in the quality of internet signal in areas far away from the exchange line. U
  • Also, the sky-rising cost of laying the network range and the low number of expected endorsers inside the 4G network      coverage is a huge burden on the economic front in introducing proper network connection in such areas.
  • The dependence on low-quality copper wiring to transmit the signal.
  • ndulating terrain, geographical limitations, less inhabitation in rural areas, and large distances render it troublesome          to extend proper net connection without expending loads of money.

Thus, it's far-fetched that the rural population would witness anything close to the fast internet speed that the people in metropolitan cities enjoy. As a result, numerous villages, and even some clustered urban localities in India are left devoid of a proper broadband connection. Also, a lot of rustic communities experience horrendously lethargic internet connectivity with almost nil coverage.

Sadly, it would still take a lot of years for ISPs to set up proper connections in all the remote and rural areas of the country. Does that mean the villagers would have to wait forever?

No, obviously not. Already, a couple of villages with halfway administrations have effectively extended the scope of their present internet connection by increasing the Wi-Fi range available with them. Regardless of whether you need to set up your own ISP as a private venture or you simply need to extend the region covered by the broadband you do have, COFE will assist you in bridging the digital divide. Nowadays almost everyone has a 4G SIM card. The network providers might be different depending on connectivity factors, but 4G data is accessible by the majority of people in India. So why not convert your regular 4G data into a WIFI hotspot with a speed that is about four to five times your regular data speed? COFE 4G Device single compact device that can work as a Modem, 4G WIFI Dongle, and a Router as per your desire.

What makes us at "COFE" efficient enough to tackle the issue of providing a consistent broadband connection in rural areas?

You simply have to plug-in your 4G SIM into the slot and enjoy an uninterrupted internet connection without worrying about the hassles of configuration.

  • You can use a 4G SIM card of any network operator to generate WIFI. Also, since all the operators are auto-activated, you don’t have to take care of anything else.
  • COFE comes with auto-configuration to ensure that our customers do not have anything else to worry about other than enjoying their internet speed.
  • Independent of the device you use, DVR/NVR, CCTVs, Bio-metric devices, or SIM cards, No Configuration is required.
  • There are various models of COFE 4G WIFI Device to cater to varied requirements, geographical locations, and organization.
  • It is a high-performance Wi-Fi router designed with WAN and LAN ports.It is designed such that it can have both LAN port and WIFI signal.
  • The device comes with powerful dual antenna to provide better internet coverage, improved speed, and incudes larger areas.